The Problem with Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion. It emphasizes fun, togetherness, remembrance, and romance.

Who could be upset with that?

Yet, there is something really wrong with Valentine’s Day, especially as it relates to married couples.

The problem is that it is only one day but the marriage is year round.

Everyday can’t be Valentine’s Day. You can’t always have baby sitters and most of us can’t afford flowers, restaurants, and dates everyday.

But here’s what we can do everyday.

First, we can do something special for our spouse everyday. Most of the things that really matter in life are the little things.

I perform a lot of funerals. I never cease to be amazed at what is said at funerals. Children and spouses never talk about the deceased person’s professional accomplishments. They always talk about a father who was always there for them or a mother who could be counted on. For most of us, we deeply appreciate the little things.

While I can’t do the big things for Martha everyday, I can do the little things–and those are the ones that count the most.

Second, we can be kind and considerate everyday. When Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus, he told them to be kind, considerate, and tenderhearted. Husbands and wives need exactly that kind of concern.

Third, you can treat your spouse as a queen or king everyday.

Though a lot of people don’t like Paul’s words to the family–you know, submissive wives and loving, sacrificing husbands–I think they are powerful words. They call us to be our best. They demand that we treat our mate with love and respect. In fact, both of those words are used in Scripture.

Most spouses can’t remember many Valentine’s gifts, but they can tell you about a spouse who treated them as a queen or king.

We can make Valentine’s Day better by making every other day better.

May God bless you as you live as the children of God.