The Samaritan Center in Need of Donations

FBC Family,

One of our local ministry partners, The Samaritan Center, in Mandeville continues to meet the needs of people in our community that need food. They are not only distributing food, they are listening, praying and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as people allow.

They are distributing food via a car line on Wednesdays & Fridays.  Please consider creative ways to donate food or contribute to their efforts. They have placed a canvas mail cart on the corner of Madison and Girod St. in Mandeville for the collection of food.

This is a practical way to support the Samaritan Center and our community. They are distributing food to people from all over West St. Tammany Parish and as people from our community call the church, we are sending them there. Volunteers from our church and other churches in the community are helping distribute food. They are working to practice safety in distance and distribution. Please consider, as you go to the grocery store, to pick up a few extra items from the list below and donate to keep the distribution going.

If you cannot leave your home and wish to help click on this link to see how you can help with much needed food items:

The top items needed are:
Canned Vegetables  (Mostly green beans,corn, peas, spinach, etc.)
Canned Beans (Kidney, Black Beans, Baked Beans, Black-Eyed Peas, etc.)
Cold Cereal and Hot Cereal (Oatmeal, Grits, etc.)
Pasta – Canned (Chef Boyardee type) and Dry Pasta
Juice – 100% (Shelf Staple – Bottled, Canned or Boxed)
Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Box Meal Mixes (Tuna Helper, Knorr, Rice-A-Roni, Pasat Toni, Stove Top Stuffing, etc.)
Meat – Canned (Chicken, Chilli, Tuna)
Spaghetti Sauce (Ready to Pour)
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Potatoes (Fresh, Boxed, or Canned)

Thank you for praying and serving. Stay safe and connected to God and other people.

Glynn Robinson
Minister of Missions & Evangelism
First Baptist Church – Covington, Louisiana