There’s Nothing Like Discipline

Run The Race

By: Waylon Bailey ~

There’s nothing like discipline.

Some studies show the number one predictor of how a child will do as an adult is discipline. Can the child delay gratification? Can he/she look down the road and see a more preferred future?

If the child can do those things, many social scientists believe the child has a high probability of success.

It works the same way with adults. We’ve seen the disastrous results of people who have made decisions for the moment and not for the future. If discipline is that important, what can we do to instill discipline in ourselves and in others?

I see four areas that will help us discipline ourselves.

First, reflect, pray, and then write out your preferred future. Having put your dreams and hopes on paper will help you keep them at the forefront of your mind. For some reason, writing our goals helps us reach our goals.

Second, pray that God will give you your goals and pray that God will help you be strong in the decisions you make. If you’ve chosen good solid goals in the first place, God will bless you as you seek to achieve those goals.

I find that praying about something is much like writing it on paper. Not only am I getting the blessing of God, but I am also getting the daily reminder of what really matters to me.

Third, seek the daily presence of God in your life. Paul the apostle told the Ephesian believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Ask for the filling of the Spirit. A container can only hold as much as the container allows. If you are filled with God, you will not have room for anything else.

Finally, work out a plan and commit that plan to paper. Make the plan as detailed as possible. This will help you follow the plan, a great discipline in itself. While discipline is difficult, we can learn to discipline ourselves.

Give it your best and watch the results.

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Have a great week!