Things of Which I am Proud

traffic FBC 1.jpg

By: Waylon Bailey ~

Though it seems long and slow, the plans for our new building expansion are moving along quite well. Over the next four months we will be dealing with zoning and permit issues for the new construction and getting the final construction documents.

In order to get ready to go before parish government, we conducted a traffic study. We all know that traffic is one of the crucial issues in our parish.

That’s where being proud comes in.

The person who conducted our traffic study is a former employee of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. He also worked for St. Tammany Parish government. Therefore, he has a great deal of experience in traffic matters.

His basic conclusion is that the parking lots empty out rather quickly for such a large number of cars. He was pleased with our merging with the normal Sunday morning traffic on Highway 21.

He noted two other interesting conclusions. First, he complimented our church membership for being patient and gracious at the conclusion of the worship services. He showed us a video of people leaving the Bricker road side of the campus. It showed people patiently allowing the car in front of them to go before they pulled out. The video also showed each group alternating to allow everyone to have their turn.

He was impressed, and I was proud.

I’m also proud to learn that when we leave the campus we don’t travel through the Timberbranch subdivision.  It’s a public street, and we are certainly free to use those streets.

Years ago we asked you to be good neighbors with Timberbranch subdivision by not overcrowding their neighborhood. The traffic survey showed that you’ve gone beyond any requirements.

Thanks for showing your kindness toward other people.

The little courtesies make a difference in a community and allows us to show and talk about our faith. We have a tremendous opportunity to share faith when it is lived out in little, everyday events.

Thanks for the little things you do.