Three Areas to Strengthen Your Family

By: Waylon Bailey

No family is perfect. Each one can be better.

Here are three areas where you can strengthen your family.


First, strengthen your motivation.

Knowing why something’s important is just as important as knowing what to do. Get the motivation right and you will usually get right actions as well. This is why Jesus so often dealt with inner motivation.

Jesus told us to get our motivation right by putting God and His kingdom first. The Apostle Paul encouraged the church to do everything–whether in word or deed–in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:17).

He also told them to work at it with all their heart, as working for the Lord, and not merely for men (Colossians 3:23).

Second, strengthen your unity. Get everybody involved in being better and doing better.

The Bible makes this clear. As Paul addressed the family, he called out everyone in the household. He gave everyone something to work at.

Husbands were to love their wives. Wives were to respect their husbands. Children must obey parents, and parents must respect children.

When everybody is working together, the whole family benefits.

Third, strengthen your execution. Motivation and unity are basic and foundational, but nothing will work unless good deeds are carried out.

One of the ways you get good execution is by catching people in the family doing things right. We all like to be encouraged. We all like our success to be celebrated. Look for ways to encourage and celebrate right behavior.

Do these things and you will strengthen your family.

Have a great week!