Time For Football And College

Finally we are approaching the time many of us have been waiting for–the beginning of the new football season. Next week will be a great week.

It’s also the time when new and returning college students head off to school.

This week one of my favorite members of our youth group came by to tell me he would be leaving this week for LSU. I reminded him that LSU is like every other college campus I know. You will find at college whatever you want to find.

My younger daughter (Emily) went to LSU and wanted to find like-minded believers. She got involved in the Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) under the leadership of Steve Masters and met some of the most Godly college students I have ever known. They still keep up with each other. (By the way, when you give through our church offering, part of your gifts help support the Baptist Campus Ministries at all the campuses across our state.)

Our own FBC college ministry is thriving like never before. Can you imagine how hard it is to have a college ministry in a town where you don’t have a college? While we don’t have a college we have college-aged students everywhere. They make up part to the Next Generation we so desperately want to reach for Christ.

Josh Jordan leads our ministry to college students. This past Wednesday night, he had thirty college students who met for worship, fellowship, and Bible Study at the 745 ministry. The previous Saturday night a larger number of our college students met at the Pavilion and Volley Ball courts for a time of recreation. They do this every week after our Saturday night worship service.

Our college students and young professionals are very much a part of our church–meeting in Bible Fellowship groups on Sunday mornings, worshiping with the church, and serving God.

Would you pray for this ministry? Could God be calling you to serve? Josh is looking for dedicated servants to “hang out” and minister in the college ministry.

We have a great opportunity and responsibility. Let us do with all our hearts what God has called us to do.

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