Trending–A New Sermon Series

This may be one of the most difficult sermon series I have attempted to preach.

Not difficult because the text is obscure or difficult to interpret. And not difficult because the message is complex.

Actually, the text is simple and easy to understand. Children easily understand the message from this passage of Scripture. All of us will get the immediate idea.

This will be difficult not because it is complex but because it is simple and straight forward.

It’s not the interpretation that’s difficult; it’s the application.

We’re going to look at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, and we are going to attempt to apply His message to our lives.

These are the items trending in America today. We will look at the issues that are on the daily pages, the blogs, and the news programs. Jesus talked about the value of life, marriage and relationships, anger, deceit, worry, and contempt. We will too. And we’ll try to look at our own situation and see how God’s Word can help us with our own needs in all of these areas.

Please join me next weekend as we begin “Trending: Tough Questions–Godly Answers” from Matthew 5-7.

Martha and I have enjoyed our holidays and our time to be away. Now, we look forward to working and serving with you as we look at God’s Word and begin this new year.