Twelve Words To Transform Your Life

Expositor Warren Wiersbe ended his discussion of the tongue and the words we speak (James 3:1-12) by giving twelve words which will transform your life. While you could add several words to the list, you can’t argue with his twelve words.

You also can’t argue with the power of these words to change you and to change those around you.

Here are his twelve words:

1-3. Please and thank you. Often in a wedding ceremony, I will address the bride and groom personally and remind them that they grew up with “magic words.” Those magic words were “please and thank you.” Then, I say these are still magic words. They may even be more magical in your marriage than in your family of origin.

4-5. I’m sorry. Admitting wrong and asking for forgiveness has tremendous power to transform people. This is especially the case in a marriage. Asking forgiveness takes the edge off wrongs and hurts. The sincere admission that you’ve wronged your spouse opens the door to tenderness and forgiveness.

When “I’m sorry” is followed by “I forgive you,” these words are especially transformative. When two people are big enough to say “I’m sorry” and “I forgive,” you have the potential for a deep and growing relationship which will become sweeter and more loving with age.

The church needs to hear more of “I’m sorry” and “I forgive.”

6-8. I love you. Any words spoken harshly or sarcastically mean nothing, but “I love you” spoken from the heart and from the will has the power to change lives.

I’ve often said about churches: “You can’t keep people away from a place where they are loved.” It works the same way in marriages, families, and relationships of all kinds.

Tell the people closest to you that you love them and then back your words with actions. It will make a huge difference in you and in others.

9-12. I’m praying for you. I fear Christians too often promise prayer and don’t deliver. When we promise and follow through, prayer transforms.

I am blessed to have many people praying for me daily. Last night a new member of our church told me that Saturday and Sundays were my days. She meant she prayed for me as I preached on the weekend. These words are beautiful words to me. They are beautiful words to others as well.

When people call my name before the Father, I receive strength and encouragement. When others pray, I know they “have my back.”

Wiersbe said: when we talk to God about people, then we have the right to talk to people about God.

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