Lagniappe: Upcoming 2024 Budget Presentation

Last week I announced our proposed budget for 2024. This week I want to give you my (our) view of budgeting for a church.

First, a church budget should be a reasonable and reachable amount.
For example, a church with 100 people cannot have an $8 million budget, but a church with an average attendance of 2,400 can. We also know this is a reasonable amount because we have received offerings of $8 million this last twelve months. Churches should not have budgets which are likely not to be met.

Second, the budget should reflect the vision of the church.
Here is our adopted purpose and mission: We exist to help people know and accept Jesus Christ and through Him to experience life-changing relationships.

Third, our giving should be for meeting the budgeted goals of the church.
At FBC the budget supports the works of ministry. Because we give – through the budget we can have VBS, Special Friends, and a host of other ministries. The budget allows us to do ministry effectively.

Finally, all of us should give to do the work of ministry.
Rich and poor should give and do so in proportion to their income. A tithe (10 percent) is a good place to start, but committed Christians should not end at that point.

Please join us Wednesday, November 15th @ 6:45PM in the Worship Center for the 2024 budget presentation.