What Are Your Goals to Become Like Christ?

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By: Waylon Bailey ~

Yesterday I preached about my vision for First Baptist Church. It had to do with “More,” as in more integrity, more caring, more gospel, and more living in the light.

I believe the answer to the crisis in America is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. The answer is not in what the world, the Supreme Court, or any government does; it is in the church.

With that in mind, what are your goals for your life in Christ?

Let me give you four suggestions for what you can do to make a difference in America and to grow in Christ.

First, determine to know and follow God’s word. We know the mind of Christ through the teaching of His word. God gave His word to us to show us His will and His ways. Knowing the mind of Christ means knowing as much as possible about the teaching of God’s word.

Look for every opportunity to study the Bible and read Scripture.

Second, seek a renewed mind. Paul told us not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:1-2). Our mind will be renewed when we seek it to be renewed and submit our mind to God’s control.

We will receive the mind of Christ as we read his word, pray for wisdom and guidance, and ask God’s Spirit to teach us His ways.

Third, seek to touch the lives of other people. When we care and minister to others, we seek a significant move forward in our own Christian growth.

All those who have been involved with Family Promise ( a ministry of caring for the homeless of St Tammany Parish) have been encouraged by our congregation’s desire to help people in need.

Can we really grow in Christ if we are not caring for His children? Ministry has a wonderful way of changing us. Overseas mission trips and local ministry projects help others, and they change us. It’s a great way to grow in Christ.

Finally, determine to love the unlovely. When we come to this final step, we will have become more like God than at any other point. God is love. He loves the unlovely, and he binds up the broken hearted.

We must to determine to be as He is.

If you do these things, the church will be strengthened, God will be pleased, and your life will be changed.

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Have a great week!