What Christmas Really Means

Christmas Means

By: Waylon Bailey ~

I like to call it the hoopla of Christmas.

You know what I mean by that. It’s all the things we do that really don’t have much to do with Christmas.

Actually, I like the hoopla of Christmas. I like parties, presents, excitement, and the joy of having some special family time.

But that’s not what Christmas really means. In fact, if you talk about the real meaning of Christmas, it’s even deeper than you think.What is the real meaning of Christmas?

First, Christmas means that God has involved Himself in our world. That’s the meaning of “The word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). The God of the universe “pitched his tent” in the neighborhood of the Jews – – the Word became flesh. Today, it would be like saying that God moved into our subdivision. There is nothing better than knowing that we are not alone but that God is with us and that He involved Himself in our world.Second, Christmas really means that our lives can be different. God’s coming into the world made it possible for us to be new creatures, living with God’s character in our lives.

Paul stated that “If anyone is in Christ Jesus, he is a new creature” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

I am comforted to know that I’m not left to my own devices, but that I have someone who is forming in me a new and different character that pleases Him.

Third, Christmas really means that death is not the end. Jesus came for the purpose of giving us life that is free, eternal, and abundant. In the Bible eternal life means God’s life placed within you. Eternal life is something you have at the moment you open your life to Christ in faith and something you have for all eternity.

Christmas really means all this and so much more.

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I thank God that He sent His Son to save me and to save the world.

Have a great week!