What Do You Struggle With?

By: Waylon Bailey

Early in January, I sat on a plane flight next to a young father from Georgia. After we exchanged polite conversation, we settled in to the flight. He slept, and I worked on this new sermon series.

When he awoke, he said: “You’re a preacher!” I laughed and said: “Yes, I am.”

At that point, we went into a long conversation about preaching and my sermon series about the things that give us struggles. At some point, as I talked about the things we all face he said laughingly: “You mean like marriage and money?”

This new sermon series is about marriage, money, patience, fear, contentment, and much more. All of these examples are found in Scripture.

All of us face struggles. Life itself is a struggle–from birth to our last breath.

Because we know what it is to struggle, God has the help we need to deal with the struggles of life. Think of it this way: the power that raised Jesus from the dead has been given to us to deal with life.

We are not alone and not without help for the things that give us difficulty.

Not only do we have the resurrection power, we also have the example and encouragement of the Word of God.

Over the next ten weeks we will look from the the Word of God at areas where we all struggle.