What Do You Want Your Church to Be?

untitled_artworkHave you ever thought what you want your church to be?

Maybe it’s only a question that pastors think about, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think we all have a vision for the church – – a desire of what we want the church to be and do.

Last night, I had the opportunity to share with a group of our church leaders my desires for the church.

In times past I have given our leadership my vision in tangible terms – things you can see and touch. These would include ministries, but last night I gave my vision in a totally different way.

I described spiritual goals for the church. Let me be quick to point out that these are not all the things I want to happen, but they are many of the things I want to happen.

First, I want a church with sound biblical theology. The word “theology” means a word or understanding about God. In some sense almost everyone has a theological understanding. But often times, it is bad theology.

That’s what I want to guard against. I want our church to have a strong biblical understanding of who God is and what God does.

Second, I want our church to be a church that leads by example in the community. We can lead people, and we can be an example for other churches. In the past I have visited other churches to try to understand what made them strong in the Lord. I would like to serve in that capacity for other churches as well.

Third, I want to be a church that lives out godly principles. What a blessing to the community and to the lives of children when their churches teach principles to live by.

Fourth, speaking of children I want to raise up a “revival generation.” The generation being born today (the generation born since the year 2000) will be the largest in American history. I am praying for this generation of young people – – I’m telling them my hope as well – – to be a generation that would bring about revival in America. Revival has happened in the past. When we trust God and seek Him with all our heart, it can happen again.

I am praying that this present generation will be the revival generation.

The last thing I shared with our leaders was about being a church with helping ministries. Helping ministries are those that reach out as well as reaching in. Helping ministries go out to the lost and the least.

When I think of helping ministries, I think of Upward Recreation, our special needs ministry, and Celebrate Recovery.

These are things I want the church to be. What do you want your church to be?