What Every Child Needs to Know


By: Waylon Bailey ~

Have you asked yourself the question, “What is it that my children and every child definitely needs to know?”

It’s a good discipline to follow, that is, trying to decide what children need to know before they leave home.

I have five suggestions concerning what children need to know as they become adults.

First, this is God’s world. It was created by Him and for His purposes. We are His children. The world doesn’t work its best until we acknowledge God as the Master of our lives.

This truth is basic to life. When you get this understanding, you’re ready to do the other things to prepare you for a lifetime of service for God.

Second, every child needs to know how to work and how to take care of money. Unless something very unusual happens, all of us have to work to make a living. Taking care of money and knowing how to work to earn money is basic in life.

Therefore, it’s imperative to teach our children how to work and how to care for the money they make.

Third, I would teach children the importance of other people, that everyone is created in God’s image and deserves to be loved and respected. This would include teaching children to say “please” and “thank you” and to address everyone with dignity and respect.

Last week, I had to call to change a credit card account. All of the changes were made by automation. I spoke, answered questions, and gave information, but I never talked to a real person. At the end of the “conversation” I said, “Thank you so much.”

I had to laugh at myself for saying “thank you” to a machine, but then I thought it would have made my mother and my grandmother proud that I did so. They taught me the importance of appreciating and respecting people.

Fourth, I want every child to know that God is bigger than their problems. God cares, loves, and wants to lead us through life. No matter what our children experience, there is a loving, caring, heavenly Father who wants to guide them all along the way.

Fifth, I want every child to know that life doesn’t consist of the abundance of possessions. God’s world is much bigger and much more important than the things that we own.

I want children to know that we have a purpose greater than simply making money and buying stuff.

What would you want to teach children?

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