What Every Father Can Give His Children

What Every Father Can Give His Children

By: Waylon Bailey ~

Most of us can’t give our children everything we would like to give them.

Sometimes we don’t need to give them everything, but there are some things we should all give our children which cost us nothing but time and effort.

What is it that we can all give our children?

First, we can all give our children time.

Of all the things children need, time comes at the very top of the list.

Children need time. They are notorious slowpokes, and they need patience, listening, and understanding. Those qualities are almost impossible without time.

We also need to make sure that when we give time we really give time. Sometimes parents – – more likely fathers – – are present but really not present. They aren’t listening or involved.

Children need both parents to be involved in their lives. We should not expect one parent to always be the disciplinarian or only one parent to be involved in school work.

Second, we can all give our children love. Everyone needs to be loved and appreciated. This is especially so with children. Love is essential for proper growth and development.

Third, we can all give our children security. As children, my two daughters were very different, but both needed security. Your children need to know you’re going to be there for them and that they count with you. As you give security, you will be giving them a lifetime gift of peace and contentment.

Security involves consistency and reassurance. Childhood is hard enough as it is; it doesn’t need to be made any harder by making our children worriers. They need to know you will be there in the hard times.

Fourth, we can all give our children an understanding of God.

Children seem to have an innate desire for God. They are locked in on who God is and how He works. Children want to know someone knows and care for them. When we teach our children about God, we provide them with the foundation everyone needs.

We can’t give our children God. They have to make that decision for themselves, but we can give them an understanding of who God is and how He has worked in our own lives.

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