What If I Don’t Have Time To Go To The Bahamas?

imageYesterday morning I was “knee deep in alligators” when the phone rang.

“Congratulations, you’ve been selected for a free cruise for two people to the Bahamas. Yes, the Bahamas, and it’s free and all expenses are paid. All you have to do is . . . ”

At that point, I ended the call, saying, “I don’t have time to go to the Bahamas.”

I do realize I probably wouldn’t be pleased with whatever I would have to do to get the “free, all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas.”

I really would love to go. It just wouldn’t work, even if there was no catch.

Sometimes, life just seems to be overwhelming.

You’ve been there. In fact, you may be there now.

What do you do in times of stress and seemingly unending needs all around you? How can we go on with ministry, work, and life in these kinds of times? Here are four essentials I have noted about dealing with stress and not having enough time.

First, in those kinds of times, I need to spend more time–not less–with my heavenly Father. I wrote someone these words yesterday as we discussed the stresses they are experiencing: “In my own life, when I am close with my Father I have everything I need to be strong and courageous and meet whatever challenges will come.”

I believe you will find the same in your life.

Second, I really need to rest, not just in Jesus, but I really need to rest. Jesus spent time away. He was alone with the Father and really alone. The Gospel of Luke gives a number of occasions when Jesus “went away to a lonely place.”

We need to get away to a lonely place to repair and replenish our souls. It really makes a difference. These may only be a few minutes “in a lonely place,” but we still need that time.

Third, I need to spend more time with good and trusted friends. You probably have some friends like this–those people who love you no matter what. They are the kind of friends who don’t have to have your time but always seem to have time for you. In those times of stress, those people nurture and nourish my soul.

Finally, I need to remember that life goes on. I am not the hope of the world. Though many people need me, they really need the One I can point them to and encourage them about. He is the answer for them–and, more importantly, the answer for me.

He will be your answer as well.

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