What Is Occupying Your Time?

Infinity time. Digital generatedGood things in life can keep you from the best things.

It happens in every part of life. You become preoccupied with things which are good and they keep you from the things which are best.

I often see this in my schedule. It’s not that I’m not doing good things, but it is that these good things are keeping me from doing the very best.

It can happen the same way in a business, in a practice, or in a family.

Are you sacrificing the best by doing the good?

Jesus used this truth as the subject of a parable which He described to his disciples and others.

He talked about a man who gave a great banquet and invited many people to come (Luke 14:15-24). At the time of the banquet many of the invitees began to give excuses about why they could not attend.

One had bought a field and had to see it. Another had bought oxen and had to go examine them. A third had taken a wife and could not attend.

This parable has to do with more than a simple banquet; it described the messianic banquet at the end of time.

Many shall be left out because of the preoccupations of life – – the cares of life and preoccupations of the world keep many people from knowing Christ and the hope that comes through Him. This is the ultimate of the good taking the place of the best. None of the excuses were bad; they simply got in the way of the best.

What are you doing that is good that keeps you from the best?