What Joseph Can Teach Men

What Joseph Can Teach Us

It’s Christmas, and it’s easy to get sentimental.

We forget that Joseph and Mary and Zechariah and Elizabeth were real people who struggled with life and struggled to live righteously. All of these people can teach us about life, obedience, and faithfulness. I would encourage you to read the events of Christmas as found in Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2.

Joseph, in particular, has a message to teach us about life.

Would you send this to a young man, or for that matter, any man? We all need to be reminded of faithful people. They give us a tremendous example for life.

What can Joseph teach men? As I read Matthew 1:18-2:23, these are lessons that jump out at me.

First, every child needs a father figure. Isn’t it amazing? God was unlimited in the ways He could send His Son into the world, yet He chose to put Jesus in a family. God made sure His Son was raised by a Godly man.

We have seen this over and over. Many of the problems of our society revolve around so many children growing up without fathers. The statistics are very clear: growing up without a father figure is devastating to young men. Isn’t it time for our government to put laws in place which encourage the formation of families? Why are we doing just the opposite?

Second, every child needs physical and emotional support. A child who grows up supported emotionally will function significantly better than the child who isn’t. When you read about Joseph in Matthew 1-2, you find a man who could be counted on.

Third, faithfulness and dependability are essential in families. The family that has a husband and father who will work, provide, care, and lead is a blessed family.

Fourth, good fathers sacrifice for their family. Do you think Joseph would have chosen to have to run from Herod the Great? Or, move to Egypt? Or, suffer the kind of way people would talk in Nazareth?

Yet, Joseph manned up and sacrificed for his family and God’s Son. So sad that we see fathers who sacrifice their children rather than sacrificing for them.

Finally, fathers make strategic long-term decisions which bless their families. Thank God that Joseph could be wise, thoughtful, and decisive about the needs of his family.

Not even Joseph was perfect in his parenting skills. We can’t be either, but we can give our best to God just as Joseph did.

May God bless you this Christmas as you lead your family.