What Joseph Can Teach Us About Manhood

By: Waylon Bailey

I don’t have to remind you that we are living in very difficult times. Right now, we are dealing with an immorality which is creating division in the country and casting a pall of anger and distrust in our lives.

The “#Metoo” movement has opened a door that we all hope will bring us to a better, more respectful place then we’ve been in the past. This movement has shown us the deep depravity of the human soul and the desperate need for what  only God can do for us in Christ Jesus.

More than ever, we need people we can trust and depend on. We desperately need to know about Biblical manhood.

The Gospel of Matthew shows us an individual who can teach us about God’s plan for manhood. His name is Joseph, as in Joseph and Mary fame (Matthew 1:18-25).

Joseph’s struggle with what to do about Mary teaches us tremendous lessons. Notice how Joseph struggled with the appropriate approach to his dilemma. He was a man who had strength of character and a gentle, caring spirit. Isn’t that what our country needs, someone who understands right and wrong and someone who can compassionately lead? Don’t our marriages and families need these same qualities?

While we don’t know all the reasons why God chose Joseph to nature, protect, and teach His Son, we can certainly see Joseph’s beautiful combination of strength and compassion. Strength under control describes the meekness that Jesus called for in His followers.

Biblical manhood means that we control ourselves by being under the control of God. Think of how many men can control everything around them except themselves. Joseph knew how to lead his family and how to follow God. If we can’t control the inner person, we can never deal with the real issues of life.

Joseph showed us how to submit. When God spoke through the angel, Joseph quickly obeyed. We don’t see any questions or dispute. He simply obeyed.

We must do the same.

Have a great week!