What Makes A Good Pastor?

tempImageForOtherYesterday I had a delightful conversation with a young deacon of a church I know in another city. He was gushing about how much he appreciated his new pastor (the pastor has been at this church for 1-2 years).

I could hear the deacon smiling over the phone as he spoke about how the pastor was leading the church.

He spoke about three areas where the pastor was doing an excellent job.

I believe this is what church people need and want from a pastor. It’s not all a pastor should do or needs to do, but these are vital areas for effective church leadership.

Here are the three things he mentioned.

First, the pastor is a great administrator. He meant that the pastor leads the ministry of the church in all of its areas – – financial, business, and ministry teams.

This is where many pastors are either ill-equipped or uninterested in leading, but I believe administration is an absolute necessity.

I still remember the woman who talked to me about her pastor. She said he was a good man and ministered to people effectively, but he didn’t minister to the church. When I asked what she meant by his failure to minister to the church, she mentioned administration. She wanted him to be a good ad-minister by leading the church in all its areas.

Second, he said that the pastor was really good in relating to people. Years ago, when I left as a professor at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary I noted two areas that needed to be taught fervently– – the areas of leadership and relationships.

If you can’t relate to people, it becomes difficult to lead people.

Third, he spoke about preaching a good message. Most pastors see about 95% of their members only one time in the week. That’s when they stand and deliver the Word of God. Therefore, preaching is vital (check what the New Testament says about this) for effective church leadership and ministry.

Pastors and churches, I have good news. All of these areas can be learned. Pastors can become more effective administrators, preachers, and in relating to people.

Like anything else, you have to work at it. It takes diligence and effort. If you are a pastor, I encourage you to pick these three areas and seek every opportunity to grow in them.

If you are a church member, I encourage you to come alongside your pastor for prayer, encouragement , and friendship. Your pastor needs your encouragement and love. I would say this: he can’t be the pastor you want him to be until you are the follower God wants you to be.

May God bless His church.