What Nehemiah Teaches Us about Leadership and Teamwork

By: Waylon Bailey ~

The Book of Nehemiah is an ancient book with a contemporary message. It teaches us about leadership, teamwork, and relationships with others.
Here are some of the lessons God teaches us through the Book of Nehemiah.
First, Nehemiah shows us the absolute necessity of leadership.

Before Nehemiah journeyed to Jerusalem, the walls of the city had been broken down and the gates burned by fire They had gone for years without attempting to rebuild. When you study the book, it becomes very clear that the people wanted to build but were unable to do so. Nehemiah’s leadership allowed the people to do what they had wanted to do all along.Nehemiah provided the one variable they didn’t have. He gave them leadership. The result was rebuilding the walls in only 52 days.
Nehemiah was a leader who could be counted on. When opposition and persecution came, Nehemiah showed that he was committed to the task and would fight to protect the people who were getting the job done. Leaders must be leaders in the good times and in the bad times. Nehemiah proved he was that kind of leader.

Second, Nehemiah shows how people must have a vision. The people of Jerusalem knew the problem, but they did not have a picture of how that could be resolved. Nehemiah gave them that hope. He showed them what to do and how to do it.

Third, Nehemiah shows us the value of organization. For as many as eight months, Nehemiah worked on a plan. When he arrived in Jerusalem, he inspected the ruins and adapted his plan. He gave everyone a job to do and showed them how to accomplish it.

Fourth, Nehemiah reminds us again of the value of people seeing and understanding the benefit of doing a job. Nehemiah placed people to work where they had a real interest. Some worked on the part of the wall near their homes while others worked at places of importance to them. For example, the priests worked on the Sheep Gate, the place where sheep for sacrifice in the temple would be brought into Jerusalem.

Finally, Nehemiah shows us the value of people working together. It was truly amazing what they were able to accomplish. Even the high priest got on the wall and worked for the good of the people of Israel.

With that kind of leadership, it is hard not to be successful.

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