What’s On Your Bucket List?

untitled_artworkThe Bucket List was a popular movie released in 2007 starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It was about two men who had terminal illnesses and decided to live out their adventures before they kicked the bucket.

The movie created a new way to discuss the end of life. Many people ask me, “What’s on your bucket list?” I also often have people telling me in detail about their bucket list.

People have had bucket lists for years, but we didn’t have a name for it. We all understand the desire of people to do certain things while they are able to do so.

At the same time, we ought to think about the desires of our hearts.

The apostle Paul had something he wanted to accomplish before he died. He wanted to take the gospel to Spain. He hoped to share the gospel where other people had never shared it and thus not to build on the foundations of others.

Paul shared that his “hearts desire and prayer to God for Israel” was that they might be saved (Romans 10:1). That came at the top of Paul’s bucket list. On another occasion he offered that if it would mean the people of Israel would know and follow Christ that he would be willing to be cut off from Christ.

When you see that bucket list, you begin to understand that there are some things that count more than others.

What’s on your bucket list? How does it count for God?

We should all be keenly aware of our mortality. As Jesus said “the night is coming when man can work no more.” Therefore, we must give our all and do our best to please God and honor him in the short time we have on earth.

What’s on your bucket list?