Who Are You Imitating?

Jesus wants you to be conformed to His image (Philippians 2:1-11, Romans 8:29). It is the goal and plan of God for every believer.
Satan, on the other hand, wants you to be like him. Who are you imitating? Which one is most dominant in your life? I have to admit this is a totally new idea to me. I have never considered that Satan wants us to be conformed to his image, but of course it is true.My goal in this blog is for you to finish reading this brief article and determine before God to be more and more conformed to the image of Christ and less and less conformed to the image of Satan.How does it look to be conformed to the image of Satan? It’s fairly easy to figure this out. All you have to do is look at what God called us to be in Scripture. God wants us to be patient, kind, and caring, He desires that we be Christ-centered instead of self-centered, with a heart of compassion and a heart for the things of God.Satan, on the other hand, wants us to be the exact opposite. He wants us to be judgmental, angry, easily provoked, impatient, looking out for number one and ignoring the needs of other people.
Which of those two are you most like?

I don’t intend to make you feel bad, but I do intend to encourage you to seek the things of God and to earnestly desire the things of heaven.

Here is the way that I experience change in my life.

First, I ask God what He wants to change about me. I’ve never had to wait for that prayer to be answered. I challenge you to be serious with God about asking what He wants to be different in your life.

Second, I encourage you to tell God that you want Him to be pleased with everything in your life. Ask Him: “Please change me so that I am conformed to the image of Christ.”

Third, I encourage you to spend a few minutes each day in prayer asking God to help you be conformed to the image of Christ in the particular area He wants to change.

God desires holiness in the inward person. May you see Him and may He help you bring significant change in your life.

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