Who Is Jesus?

Dec.17Who is Jesus?

One of the most important questions in all of human history is the question: “Who is Jesus?”

Answering that question correctly will determine your future and your present.

Who is Jesus?

One brief blog will not answer this question, but it can point us in the direction of understanding who Jesus is.

Recently, I taught from Luke 7. Luke 7 contains two interactions in the life of Jesus that show us who He really is. After those events, John the Baptist sent two of his disciples to ask Jesus if He were the one to come or should they look for another.

John was asking the same question we ask: “Who are You?” He wanted to know if Jesus is truly the Messiah sent from God.

John was in prison and no doubt discouraged about the future. Not too long after this question of John, Herod Antipas had John beheaded.

John’s question should be our question: “Are you the one we’ve been looking for?”

This passage of Scripture shows us the compassion of Jesus. Jesus met with a man whose servant was ill. The man himself was an impressive person. He cared for his servants, and he recognized the power and the compassion of Jesus. Jesus healed the servant based on the request of the master.

What makes this an even more remarkable encounter was the fact that the master was a Gentile and a Roman. Yet, he recognized that Jesus truly came from God.

Jesus also showed his compassion as he had a “chance encounter” with a funeral procession in a town about 25 miles from Capernaum. Jesus met a widow whose only son had died.

In Israel, that situation had tragic results. A woman didn’t have standing in court or the ability to make a living apart from a husband or an adult son. She lost both and lost her future at the same time.

It was a double tragedy. Jesus healed the man and gave him back to his mother.

I would have loved to have seen the expression of Jesus as he showed his amazing compassion for human beings in raising the son and presenting him to his mother.

These events show us that Jesus is God in the flesh. The results of this remarkable day in the life of Jesus shows the power of God in His life.

C.S. Lewis, in his famous quote, told us that we can no longer think of Jesus as we have. He can’t be simply a prophet or a good man. Either He is the Son of God who came to save the world or else He’s a lunatic. Lewis said there are no other choices.

Who is Jesus to you?

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