Who Should I Vote For?

By: Waylon Bailey ~

Who Should I Vote For?

Louisiana does its elections differently from most any other state. That’s not so surprising because we do a lot of things differently than any other state.

We have an election coming up this Saturday. We will vote for all the statewide offices including our governor. We”ll also vote for parish offices.

In anticipation of the election and because of the issues with the federal government, I preached yesterday about being a “Conscientious Citizen” from Romans 13:1–7.

Yesterday afternoon I received my second request of the weekend to tell someone how they should vote.

I declined both requests, but I do have some ideas of how you should vote.

First, vote for someone who understands where they stand.

In Romans 13, God says that we should submit to authority and that the governmental authorities are God’s servants. As God’s servants, they have to understand they are subject to God. I want to vote for someone who understands that all of their decisions should come under the Lordship of Christ.

We can’t always find strong believers to vote for, but we hopefully at least can find people who have an understanding of a God who rules the world.

Second, vote for someone who is motivated to punish evil and reward good. The apostle Paul indicated this is the purpose of government. We have a responsibility to care for society. The wise and godly leader will carry out his purpose to do good for the people under his care.

Third, we should elect people who understand themselves as true servants. Paul’s letter to the Romans indicated that those who are given authority are servants of God. Therefore, look for people with a servant heart who want to please God with their decisions and leadership.

Fourth, don’t vote for someone who is arrogant and motivated for self. Rather, vote for those with a humble spirit to do good and to please God.

As you go to the polls either this Saturday in Louisiana or on Tuesday, November 3, in the rest of the country, please be informed about the issues and please seek to elect good and godly people who will protect godly values.

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Have a great week!