Why I Want You to Attend the Discovery Class

By: Waylon Bailey ~

First Baptist Church has a class for new members and those who are interested in membership. We meet six times a year, and we put a lot of eggs in this basket!

Because its so important to us, I want everyone to attend. Since 2000 we’ve had over a thousand people attend. We’ve gotten positive feedback from those who have participated.

Why should you attend?

Because the gospel is presented. The first decision we made about the Discovery Class was this. “If these people are going to give us their time, let’s make sure that don’t miss the most important thing in life.”

We determined at that time we would talk about faith, about baptism, and about church membership.

Because I want to meet you and you to meet our pastors and deacons. Years ago Martha jokingly said that people needed to know me because they would have to put up with me! She was exactly right. It’s hard to get around a senior pastor at a church.

I like to know people. The Discovery Class allows me time to meet you and get to know you.

Because I want you to know our vision. We exist to help people know and accept Jesus Christ and to experience life-changing relationships. Our vision determines everything we do. You should know the vision of any organization you join, especially a church.

Because I want you to know who we are and what we believe. Belief really matters. It determines your attitudes and your behavior. I want you to know we believe the Bible and that we want it to be our guide for both belief and practice.

Because I want you to do the work of ministry and get involved in serving God and building His kingdom. God created the church to worship, serve, and minister. As we join together around God’s plan, we are able to carry out His work.

Please sign up (online, in the Hospitality Room, on your Connection Card, or by calling the church office) for the Discovery Class Sunday January 25, at 5:00 PM. Dinner and childcare are provided.

Please join with us.