Why Church Matters

By: Waylon Bailey ~

I know church matters, but sometimes I know it more than others.

Just such an occasion happened yesterday.

Martha and I have taken several days vacation. It’s a perfect time of the year in Louisiana – – beautiful weather and the middle of Mardi Gras season. Sometimes it feels that as many people leave Louisiana – – on a great mid-winter vacation as arrive from other places to view Mardi Gras.

Martha and I planned just such a time. The only problem was that we didn’t get out of town. We certainly planned to, but it just didn’t work.

So what do you do on a Sunday when you’re on vacation but in town and are looking for a place to go to church?

We decided to drive to Baton Rouge and visit a church where a friend of mine is pastor.

When we arrived, by the way, he was also taking his mid-winter vacation!

It was a great experience, anyway. That’s the point of this post.

I know that church matters. I can give you all the reasons why. I think I can give a fairly good intellectual argument about the necessity of church, but sometimes when you are in the thick of leadership you forget the strong emotional reasons why church matters.

This is what I experienced yesterday in the worship service at the church where we visited.

First, church matters because of the close fellowship Christians experience. Even though we went to a church we really don’t know, we experienced a depth of fellowship and joy that is only possible in a gathering of Christians. God’s Spirit was at work from the very beginning.

On top of this, we worshipped with a couple who attended our church as young adults. He was baptized at FBC Covington. What a blessing it was to be with them.

Second, church matters because of the ministry of the Word. The lead pastor was away from the church, but we heard a wonderful message from one of the other pastors.

God ministered to us through this faithful pastor and his exposition of God’s Word.

Third, church matters because of God’s presence through His Spirit. We experienced the work and presence of the Holy Spirit as we worshipped yesterday. I left that church and returned home convinced that church matters.

What about you?

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