Why I Am Feeling Better

Image was hand drawn by myself.These are discouraging times for American Christianity.

Our freedoms – – guaranteed in the constitution and fought for since 1776– are being eroded. In my denomination, baptisms and church membership is down. It seems there are new and difficult issues every day.

But the results of this week have made me feel better about the future. Here’s why.

First, our church hosted Indian Pastor Devraju and his family this week. Pastor Devraju serves our Lord in Lucknow, India, Lucknow is in northern India in a state with 250 million people. Lucknow itself, a city most of us have never heard of, is made up of six million people.

Pastor Devraju leads 80 house churches in and around Lucknow. His goal is to increase it to 125 by 2020. That is exciting news.

Actually, this kind of news is found all around the world. Christianity in Africa, Asia, and South America is exploding. We have much to be excited about and thankful for.

Second, I was privileged this week also to see what is happening with our youngest generation in America. Our Vacation Bible School had more than 1100 students and workers each day. We had more than 100 professions of faith in our VBS, a number we have never seen before.

Early anecdotal evidence such as this is indicating that this generation – – generation Z–may be very receptive to the Gospel. They will be America’s largest generation. All this is good news.

Third, what’s happening with Christian college students may be unprecedented. Christian college students across the country are ministering all around the world. Many have a passion to take the Gospel to the world.

And, there’s one other thing to feel good about– God is on His throne and working His purpose in history.