Why I Believe

why I believe

By: Waylon Bailey ~

We all suffer the pressure not to believe. Our world, our friends, and even family members often pressure us to forsake Christ.

John wrote his gospel for a specific purpose. He wanted those who read to know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. He wanted them to believe in Him. He knew that belief (putting their faith in Jesus) would lead them to eternal life.

John defined eternal life as life which is present now, rich, meaningful, and permanent.

I want to give you a short essay on why I believe.

First, I believe that Jesus was raised from the dead because of the testimony of eyewitnesses. John, Mark, James, and many others testified that they had seen Jesus, the Son of God, after He was raised from the dead. Their testimony is compelling testimony. It has the ring of truth.

Second, I believe because of the testimony of Godly people. The best people I have ever known were Christians. They testified that God is alive and that he is at work in our world. These people are kind, loving people. They exhibit God in their lives. They live lives of love, joy, and peace.

Third, I believe because of a transformed life. I am a different person. While I am not all I want to be, I certainly am different from the way I used to be. I am simply amazed at how God has worked to change me.

Fourth, I believe because of the Word of God. God’s Word testifies in my spirit that His word is true to life. I find the Word of God compelling and amazing. It strengthens me and gives me help for daily living.

Finally, I believe because of the testimony of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit indwells believers. He testifies to the truthfulness of God by his inner working in my life. As the songwriter put it, “he walks with me and talks with me.”

When I trusted Christ and God’s Spirit came to dwell within me, I experienced a constant friend and an abiding hope. I am not alone and I am not without hope because Christ dwells within me.

I hope you will believe as well.

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