Why I Love My To-Do List

untitled_artworkI love a to do list. I always have, but sometimes I get away from using this handy little productivity tool.

Even when I am using my list, sometimes I keep my list electronically and other times I keep it the old-fashioned way.

Right now, I have moved back to the old fashion way of simply keeping a notepad nearby and adding to and crossing out the areas I finish.

I love it. Here’s why.

First, it frees up my thought process. I’ve always known that writing something down meant that you don’t have to remember it.

When our first daughter, Anna, got married we used a daily to do list. We started at the back of the pad– – that was the wedding day and we moved forward in the pad day by day listing the things that had to be done.

That process freed our minds from remembering the myriad details that had to be kept up with.

That’s what my to do list gives me right now. It frees my mind.

Freeing my mind allows me to think about really important things, things like major decisions or even minor ones and people and their names. All of these things are really important, and my to do list allows me to think about what really matters.

Second, in the same way, the to do list helps me focus. In the past I have advocated a daily to do list as well as a weekly to do list. Both help you see what has to be done. They help you get to the things that really matter.

Third, my to do list helps with my tendency to procrastinate. I know I have to overcome procrastination. Looking at the to do list makes me want to hurry to cross it out and get it done.

Finally, my to do list gives me a sense of accomplishment. It makes me feel that I’ve gotten something done.

I honestly think it does something for your sense of well being, in the same kind of way that exercise releases endorphins in the brain.

I suggest you give this a try, and please let us know if it works.