Why Same-Sex Marriage is Bad for America

Same-sex marriage is bad for America.

While some people hope that this ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States might be overturned, most historians and court watchers are assuming that it will never happen.

That won’t keep us from seeking to influence people to live lives of righteousness and godliness in our country.

Why is same-sex marriage bad for America?

First, same-sex marriage denigrates the very meaning of marriage. Marriage implies an institution – – not created by states or nations – – created in natural law to populate the world and nurture its children.

The Supreme Court cannot change natural law. All you have to do is talk to someone raised without a father, and you hear immediately their longing for a father.

From a Christian point of view, Christians cannot forget that our marriages are to be pictures of Christ and his church. The church is the bride of Christ; Christ is the bridegroom.

Second, the premise of same-sex marriage is all wrong. Justice Kennedy, in speaking for the five members of the Supreme Court who voted to institute same-sex marriage in America, noted that they wanted to help the happiness of same-sex couples.

That gives us a premise of placing happiness above all other values. It also places the needs of adults – – no matter how misplaced they may be – – ahead of the needs of children.

Third, same-sex marriage does not provide for the common welfare.  Our constitution was ratified to “promote the common welfare.” This attack on the family is not promoting the common welfare–it’s doing the opposite. Our government needs to encourage the creation of stable, strong, child-nurturing family units.

Our country has seen the devastating effects of fatherless children and of single parents. Why would we do anything to make this more of a problem?

Fourth, same-sex marriage leads us down a very dangerous slippery slope. Immediately after the Supreme Court decision we  began to hear calls for the legalization of polygamy. Shame on the Supreme Court. Certainly, the Supreme Court needs to apologize to the state of Utah, a state required to ban polygamy before it could enter the union.

In his dissent, Justice Roberts stated that the court in its majority opinion had simply given reasoning for supporting and encouraging polygamy as well.

Can we survive this kind of thinking?

“Family is built on marriage and government–the state–has a profound interest in the integrity and well-being of marriage, and to write it off as if it were purely a religiously significant action and not an institution and action that has a profound significance, would be a terrible mistake”–Princeton Professor Robert George.

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