Why Should We Pray?

Why Should We Pray

By: Waylon Bailey ~

Prayer is at the center of the life of a Christian.

While it would be difficult to dispute the importance of prayer in the life of a believer, we still often feel inadequate when we pray.

Even Jesus’ disciples wanted to know how to pray. They asked Jesus to “teach us to pray as John taught his disciples.”

While prayer is near the center of our lives, it remains an enigma for many believers.

Why should we pray?

Let me give you three reasons which may be thought unusual in the minds of many believers.

First, pray in order to meet God. This should be the first order of business when we pray.

I would encourage you to deliberately determine to meet with God. Tell Him in prayer you want to meet Him. Ask God to make Himself known to you.

A number of years ago I began praying in this way. I told God I wanted to know Him and not just about Him. It began transforming my prayer life and my life as a whole.

It’s easy to get caught up in what you know instead of who you know. God wants us to know Him. It is life-changing to meet God in prayer.

I would encourage you to envision God right there with you. Tell Him you know He is present.

Second, pray in order to know what matters to God. When you meet God in prayer, you will begin to understand what matters to God. Also, you would do well to ask Him what He wants you to emphasize. Ask God what He wants you to remove from your life and what He wants you to place in your life.

Third, pray to ask God to help you do what matters to Him. God wants to bless us. He loves for us to ask for His help. Ask Him to help you to do the things that matter to Him.

As you pray in this way, you will see that your prayer time and your life is changing as you spend time with God.

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