Why You (and I) Need the Church

By Waylon Bailey

Last week we received disturbing news.

A survey published by Christianity Today and other outlets found that Americans‘ reading and study of Scripture has declined over the last year. While they could not look at this specifically during the pandemic, it seems that this is a direct result of what has happened to us since March 13.

The decline is not just a small amount. It is large, and it is disturbing.

What we thought would happen apparently has not happened. Many of us believed, at least hoped, that this time might be a time in which we would use our time at home to gather together around Scripture and do some very intense searching about our lives.

What happened?

Here is my take on this.

We don’t do well on our own without the church. There is a reason why God created the church, and there’s a reason why we’re told to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together.

When we assemble together we encourage one another just as Scripture tells us to do. Our physical presence makes a difference.

What can we do when some people simply cannot meet together? Remember, this is not something that has not happened before. We’ve always had homebound people who couldn’t physically meet with the church.

For the most part, these faithful saints have continued to look at Scripture, spend their days in prayer, and encourage other believers.

It is time for us to take up their mantle and be found faithful in difficult times.

Would you join with me in renewing your commitment to become like Christ and to spend time in prayer and in His Word?