Why You Need to be Saving Today

img_plante-monnaie_8bLast week I wrote about seven actions you need to be taking now. You can read that post here:http://waylonbailey.com/2015/07/30

One of those seven actions was to be saving for the future.

Saving for the future is not just a retirement or money issie, there is also a serious theological reason to be managing your money well.

Here are seven reasons you should be saving for tomorrow today.

1. Jesus spoke more about money than He did heaven and hell. Money seems to just grab us by the throat and doesn’t let us go. When prosecutors or police officers begin investigating a crime, they will repeat the meme, “follow the money.” In other words, money owns people; people don’t own it.

Jesus wanted us to get beyond being owned by money. As long as our money owns us, He can’t.

It’s serious.

2. Being disciplined with money helps you be disciplined in other areas as well. That’s why the U.S. Armed Forces emphasizes discipline. Discipline in one area encourages discipline in other areas.

3. The money you save today will produce more retirement savings than any money you save. It has to do with the time value of money.

4. Having an emergency fund and a retirement fund reduces stress in your life. The Bible tells us to go the ant as an example. The ant works and prepares. It is not the slave of anything (Proverbs 6:6-11).

When we save and prepare, we free ourselves.

5. Saving let’s you be independent and self-sufficient. Those values give you more confidence and a better feeling about yourself and others.

6. Your wise management of money helps teach your children financial discipline. How sad that most children haven’t been taught or shown how to earn and care for money.

7. If you work hard and care for your money, you are free to tithe of your income (God’s command) and also use your financial resources to help others. Paul told the Ephesians to work so that they could be a blessing to other people. “Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his hands, so that he may be able to give to those in need” (Ephesians 4:28).

More than anything else, God has called us to care for His possessions. They are not ours; they are His. We are stewards (managers of that which belongs to someone else) of all God has given us. When we think of our money as His money, we are thinking correctly about finances. Since He owns all that we have, we want to use it wisely.

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