Why You Should Participate In A New Attendee Class

Many churches have New Attendee Events or ongoing new member classes. FBC, Covington, combines the best of both to give you a rich experience in understanding the church. The mission of FBC is “To help people know and accept Jesus Christ and through Him experience life-changing relationships.” The new attendee class (The Discovery Class) supports the understanding and accomplishment of the mission of the church.

So why should you attend one of these events?

  1. A New Attendee Class connects you with the larger church. It gives you the opportunity to feel at home. By the way, you can feel at home in a church if you will attend the major services of the church for four straight weeks. By then, you will have been present more than many of the regulars. The New Attendee Class helps in that process.
  2. A New Attendee Class lets you get to know many of the leaders of the church. Our class allows you to meet most of the pastors and several of our deacons and Bible Study teachers. You get a feel for the leadership of the church.
  3. A New Attendee Class introduces you to the doctrine and major emphases of the church. When you commit to a church, you need to know the teaching of the church. Our class gives you the five major beliefs and emphases of the church. We will help you know what’s important to the ministry of the church.
  4. A New Attendee Class will help you jump start your spiritual growth. When you attend a class such as this, you want to do more than simply attend. You want to move forward. This class will help you do so.

Please join with us for this very important opportunity. Sign up for the Discovery Class today.