Why Your Preacher Should Tell Good Stories

storyIn my sermon Sunday, I used an event that happened to me many years ago for the second time. I really didn’t think much about it.

After all, maybe half of the congregation hadn’t heard it before, and I thought the other half might not remember it.

Boy, was I wrong.

Between the services I had a young man (maybe 10 or 11 years old) who came and said, “You preached that sermon before. I remember it.” He was proud of himself, and I was proud of him as well.

For the record, I had not preached the sermon before, but I had used the same illustration. What he remembered was the illustration.

That’s why you must use engaging events and stories in your preaching. Here’s why a preacher should work to be able to tell good stories.

First, people remember life events. There is a reason why Jesus preached in parables. Those parables engaged peoples’ minds.

Using illustrations, stories, and current events in preaching will help your congregation remember the point of the message.

Second, parables and stories help your people stay “with you” in the sermon. We all know it’s easy to get distracted. The illustration of something that happened recently helps people stay involved in the message.

Third, stories and illustrations help people keep applying the message for weeks, months, and yes, even years in the future. Many of those people will take your story and apply it in a different way simply because their mind is engaged in what is happening.

We all like the events of peoples’ lives. The more we help them see God’s work in our lives the more the message of God will be received and accepted.

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