You Showed Up!

You showed up at our congregational meeting, and I appreciate your attendance.

We met Wednesday night to discuss the recommendation from our architects and to hear a proposal from our Strategy Planning Team (SPT). The Strategy Planning Team, chaired by Jay Sigl, has been tasked with overseeing the planning and construction of our new building.

The recommendation of our architects to the SPT was that we combine the two building programs we have planned for our future. The church unanimously affirmed that direction.

This means we will adopt a master plan that includes a new Worship Center to go with our large community spaces and our much needed educational space.

All of this will begin immediately. The architects will take this direction and move forward to finish schematic design and construction documents. We will also employ a construction company to work with the church and the architect to construct the best building at the best cost. We do not expect any construction to begin until early 2015. We expect completion in 2017.

The scope of the construction and the timetable could be affected by many events. Cost will be a major part of all of this. Our faithfulness in giving and God’s blessings on our efforts will determine how far and how fast we will be able to move on these plans.

Your giving to the week by week ministry of the church (the church budget) and your extra gifts to the Rise Up! Capital Campaign will make the difference.

We will have many updates as the project progresses. Before we begin construction, we will have a congregational meeting to vote on the exact scope of the work and its costs. I expect that meeting for late 2014 or early 2015.

Please be in prayer and ask God’s blessings, leadership, and guidance to follow His way.