You’ve Got To See Metairie Church

Last week I went to visit the location of our new multi-campus site called Metairie Church–I was blown away. It is an impressive location with an impressive look.

You will be thrilled at what you see.

Here’s a suggestion for what you can do.

Go by during the day when workers are present and look in the front door (please don’t go any farther because of safety issues). You will be able to see what you need from the front door. It has a clean, inviting look. It is spacious and appealing. I’m thrilled.

Join us for an open house this Wednesday, March 6, during the morning hours. We will have an open house for other tenants and workers at the Pontchartrain Place Shopping Center. You are welcome as well. If you have a potential worshiper for Metairie Church, bring them as your guest and introduce them to me and other of our pastors. Our new campus pastor–Jared Stacy–will be there to greet those who attend.

Encourage your friends to worship at Metairie Church beginning this Sunday, March 10 at 10:30 AM. Fellowship time will begin at 10:00 and everyone is invited.

Metairie Church has a great location. From the northshore, go right on West Esplanade one block to Severn. Go left and enter the Pontchartrain Place Shopping Center. From there you really can’t miss it.

From the southshore, take Severn toward the lake from Veterans. From West Esplanade take Severn toward the river. Either way, it’s easy to find. The Address is 3501 Severn.

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